Working with Rosie Kay and upcoming Residency

Hannah Sullivan: What i have been doing recently

Rosie Kay dance Lab – 27th February – 1st March at Mac, Birmingham

I have just spent 3 days in Birmingham working with choreographer Rosie Kay and a group of young dancers and choreographers. This was a project through IdeasTap to install a greater sense on artist practice in dancers. For me, it was a chance to move again and think specifically about dance as a possible performance practice for myself. I have a theatre making background but with this new solo i am wanting to use the medium of dance to talk about dance as a social topic.


Residency – 6th – 13th March at The Parlour Showrooms

Echo Beach is the name of the work currently, i have booked The Big Room at The Parlour Showrooms for a week of developmental time. This is in preparation for a half an hour performance of this during Mayfest at The Wardrobe Theatre.

what i am planning:

– To start each day with an hour physical warm up (open to interval members)

– To focus my ideas through writing and improvisation

– To make a film with the passing public during one day

– To invite specific people in who i feel will be able to give critical opinion of the work

– To have an open sharing on Monday 11th

– To make film footage and take photographs to use for applications

Look out for posts during this process that will give an insight into the making of Echo Beach, an autobiographical solo performance celebrating the uniqueness and exposing nature of dancing.

Echo Beach - Me and my brother (Credit - Martin Sullivan, Dad)

Echo Beach – Me and my Brother, Credit – Martin Sullivan (Dad)


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