Making a solo!

Hannah Sullivan:

I will be back in the studio working on my first ever solo; ECHO BEACH

I have two performance deadlines:

– 21st May as part of Mayfest at The Wardrobe, a half an hour showing as part of a double bill

– 8th June as part of Freshly Scracthed at BAC, a 10 minute showing as part of a marathon of fresh new ideas!

I’m in the studio from the 26th – 29th April and then again from the 10th – 13th May.

I hope this is enough time to scour through my ideas and produce a coherent and entertaining piece of work.

I will have open warm up sessions during this time!

Fridays at 10am till 11am

Saturdays at 12pm till 1pm (to allow for Friday night)

Sunday at 11am till 12pm (because its sunday)

Mondays at 10am till 11am

I am looking forward to a productive couple of weeks and seeing how things roll out at the end of it!


Echo Beach – It begins with my parents dancing and then shoots out on various dancing tangents! Dancing is a personal and social topic i am currently exploring, Inspired by a memory from my 12 year old self.

Hannah Sullivan

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