Interval in MAYFEST 2013: 97 years and Echo Beach

97 Years

Jo Hellier

Friday 17 – Sunday 19

In an overgrown orchard we are seeking clarity. As age destroys its history we cling to suspended apples – our only link to a decaying memory.

In this interactive installation, one performer delicately works through a series of conversations between her and her Grandfather. Live audio and video manipulation creates a complex, beautifully composed environment that explores the joys and sorrows, the tenderness and the violence of ageing.


e-flyer apples 97 years



Hannah Sullivan

Tuesday 21st May

Mayfest at The Wardrobe Theatre

I have a habit of collecting the way people dance. I think there is something fascinating in the particulars. The particulars can be very telling.

New Year’s Eve, 1999, Stone, Uk. My dad put Echo Beach by Martha and The Muffins on the record player. I am 12 and my brother is 6 and we are in hysterics.

Echo Beach is a solo autobiographical performance celebrating and investigating the uniqueness and exposing nature of dancing.


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