TenderFoot @ INTERVAL

Bristol/Manchester based duo TenderFoot came to use INTERVAL for a couple of days in March to work on a new performance they were making for GIFT Festival, here is a blog they wrote for us:

Tenderfoot have recently been experiencing some distance. I (Megan) am now in Bristol, and Georgia is still in Manchester. We were in need of a space other than our living rooms to spend some time working on our new piece Homage en Trois. So we got into contact with our dear friend Danny of Massive Owl, who we met during Flare Festival 2012, to see if he knew of any rehearsal space that we could use/hire/borrow. He kindly lent us the ‘cloud room’ at Interval for 2 days, a space which we found at the top of a beautiful three storey artist occupied building. The space itself was an attic room with a sky landscape (reminiscent of Andy’s bedroom in Toy Story) painted on the walls. It was cold but beautiful and was exactly the space we needed. Although we were asked not to do any jumping in the cloud room (due to weak floor and loud noises), we were still able to do a lot of low-impact dancing using our arms, hips… and of course our synchronised swimming warm up.

Photo by Richard Kenworthy
Photo by Richard Kenworthy

We are currently working on a show called Homage en Trois. It is a development of a piece called Homage that we performed as part of the Flare Weekender cabaret in 2012. Homage was about Kate Bush, our relationship with each other as performers, and every woman’s fear of turning into her mother. It is now the first of three ten minute performances which will be performed at Gifted this May. And so our 2 days of rehearsal were spent developing Homage and experimenting with ideas for the other two parts. We refreshed our memories of old dance routines and rejuvenated our love of Kate Bush. We learnt her songs on the ukulele and played them in our own way, appropriating her songs with our own lyrics, our own dance moves. We explored the use of distance. I would peer out of the window of our top floor rehearsal space as Georgia ran out of the building into the busy crowd waving and dancing, attempting to grab my attention so far away in the cold. We danced as we gorged our faces with food, becoming increasingly exhausted. We also drank tea and discussed theatre life with Danny, which is always a pleasure.

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