THE WATER IS WIDE part of 34 Bristol this Sunday.

the water is wide Jo Hellier

4910km is the distance between The Arnolfini and Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Bristol Peninsula, Maine, USA. We want to physically manifest and perform this distance on a scale we can understand so we can begin to contemplate what it might mean. 20 drummers spread out over a kilometre will pass a beat between them, until the sound has travelled the 4910km. The movement of these drum strokes will happen at the speed of sound – in total it will take 4h 29s until the distance has been covered.

Come and watch me and Yas Clarke‘s new performance that’s part of 34 Bristol. It starts at outside the Arnolfini at 3pm and last till 7.30pm. Come for the beginning  end or anytime in between  It will take place all along the docks/river between the Arnolfini and Spike Island.

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