In the City Series | Beginning in the City

Beginning In The City


11 – 12 October | The Parlour Showrooms | 31 College Green



How do we begin? Join two days of performances, conversations and a party.Discover what it takes to start anew. Take a risk. Reinvent.

FRIDAY NIGHT 11 Oct | 6-9PM | £8/£7 conc

Sarah Ruff performs the darkly comic ‘Bad Wife,’ as she embarks on a new domestic role. Clerke and Joy offer ‘Tips For the Real World (If you’re not crying, you’re not doing it right),’ a performative lecture for new artists.

SATURDAY DAY 12 Oct | 12-8PM | £5 (30 mins)

Peter McMaster’s one-on-one performance ‘Gold Piece’ will explore the Japanese transformative and healing process, Kintsugi. Book your slot online.

SATURDAY NIGHT 12 Oct | 6PM-LATE | £8/£7 conc

Join us for ‘New City New Start,’ a conversation about our compulsion to move and start again. Evening performances include Sarah Ruff’s ‘Bad Wife’ and ‘We’re Looking for a Girl,’ by BigM. Stay late for a Party for Beginners!

Book online:

Beginning In The City is co-curated by In Between Time and The Showroom Projects.



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