Serrated By A Knife Showing at Arnolfini

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Arnolfini, Bristol Saturday 02 November 2013, 19:30 to 20:30

Sedated By A Brick Present Serrated By A Knife Present Sedated By A Brick. Sedated By A Brick are accidentally possessed by their imaginary alter-ego theatre company, Serrated By A Knife. Both companies have been struggling to put the finishing touches to their astonishing productions of The Shining, which they hope one day to present to an actual, real live audience.

With: Sedated By A Brick

An over-production of words most lovely in its malignancy.

Bernard Manning is dead. Kate Bush is a recluse. Elton John is threatening to don his divine lawsuit.

Will this collision of identities result in the ultimate meta-fiction or everyone dying in the cold of cabin fever?


At least three versions of the play will be fighting it out for survival, and by the end of the show we will have tried to set fire to it, explode it, delete it and dispose of it, but will realise too late it is built on an indian burial ground and just will not go away.

Surely nothing could go wrong!

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