The Only Way To Conquer The Horizon Is To Run Straight Into It by Hannah Sullivan

A performance for a field.

Inspired by Gustavo Ciriaco’s DIY workshop ‘Where The Horizon Moves Me’

The performance is about our relationship to landscape, be it fearful, conquering or comfortable.

This performance is based on three ideas:

– That travelers used to blindfold themselves for fear of new vast landscapes (this was then extended into some text about the Wadi Mujib canyon in Jordan)

– The Only Way To Conquer The Horizon Is To Run Into It (a phrase written in my notebook whilst thinking about western movies and cowboys)

– The painting ‘Travelling Companions’ by Augustus Egg that has been in my living room for years.

There three ideas created a three phase performance that involved blindfolds, a sign, a tape player, a run, a dress, a print, a book and little audience participation.

Work-in-progress showing as part of THE MAGIC BUS by A-Peg in November 2013, Bristol.







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