New members call out deadline 3.4.14

Interval callout for new members

Interval is an artist led support network that shares a base at The Exchange on Corn Street, Bristol. We are a group of 17 performance makers whose work spans live art, contemporary theatre, dance, visual art, community work and sound art. Interval provides not only space to make, but also a collective within which to share, critique and push new ideas and research. We are interested in what a collective can be and in finding new ways in which to support each other’s development. We offer each other an encouraging and focused space to experiment and go forward with the supportive clout of a collective behind each individual.

Within the collective different members take on additional roles each month (treasurer, website updater etc.) and bi-monthly a new ‘leader’ is appointed, who’s responsibility it is to organize meetings and keep track of everything raised by members. Interval’s membership fee is £15 a month; this money pays the bills, covers basic maintenance and allows us to buy shared equipment. It is expected that every member of Interval helps maintain the space and takes part in collective events as much as possible, as well as taking initiative to lead on things they want to change or develop within the collective.

We are looking for new members to join Interval. We want people who need a space to base their practice from and want to be an active member of a collective of artists. Currently our space consists of a large shared office (with all office equipment,) a small library, a kitchen and a small space for trying out ideas. The spaces are secure and storage is available. All spaces are open from 8am – 6.30pm on weekdays and 8am – 5pm on Saturday, closed on Sunday.

If you would like to apply please send your expression of interest to Jo, (at), and tell us: who you are, what you do and why you want to be a part of a collective. Also let us know what your usage of the space would be, and how much time and commitment you want to give to it. Please write no more than one side of A4 and if you would rather apply in a different format, please contact us to arrange.

Deadline 3rd April 2014