Ania Varez

Ania Varez (Caracas, 1991) is a movement artist and writer from based in Bristol, UK.

After growing up training intensively in classical ballet and working with the main ballet companies of Venezuela, she threw her ballet shoes into the river and began the creative journey that brought her to London, where she graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School.

She utilises movement and language as tools for social recognition and change. Her work appears in different mediums, from one-to-one conversations, to interventions of the public space, immersive performances, improvisations in a theatre and non-theatre settings and books. She aims to open spaces for people to exercise care, choice and attention, as a way to collectively create better ways of being together and being here.

Her work has been shown in The Robert Howard Theatre (London), The National Art Gallery (Caracas), The Bolivar Hall in the Embassy of Venezuela (London) and recently as a part of the Tree Tree Tree Person Arts Residency in Taiwan (city of Tainan, Taipei and Hualien).

She’s specially interested in making community-engaging and site-specific work, in order to research the notions of migration, belonging and their relationship to landscape.