Hannah Sullivan

Hannah Sullivan makes playful and emotive studio and site work.

Working with autobiographical text, contemporary movement and collaborations with other artists in sound or costume, Hannah wishes to achieve honest reflections on contemporary existence and celebrate the creative agency of the individual.

Hannah uses the situation of theatre as a place for experimentation, allowing things to surface after months of peculation. The form of Hannah’s work is often a collaboration of movement, song, sound and text.

Hannah’s solo work includes With Force and Noise an articulation of anger, Echo Beach a dance collection and Art Club a one-on-one drawing encounter.

Hannah is currently interested in song and singing as a process of becoming, as well as landscape as both site and stimulus for performance.

Hannah is a BA graduate of Dartington College of Arts in Theatre and Visual Practices and a MA graduate of The University of Bristol in Performance Research. Hannah’s work has been supported by Arts Council England, IdeasTap, Bristol Ferment and commissioned by Theatre Bristol and Situations.

Hannah is also a producer, currently working with the Solo Contemporary Performance Forum. Hannah as previously curated the Ausform Microfest, co-devised Speeches to the city, co-managed The Parlour Showrooms and the In The City Series – which stirred key interests in the use of public space and how we can be political through performance.

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