Jack Drewry


Jack is a theatre-maker, musician and performer with a particular interest in very collaborative work. He plays piano, percussion, guitar, beatboxes and produces music using Ableton Live. He graduated in 2012 from Queen’s University Belfast with BA (Hons) in Drama.

Jack’s background in theatre is mainly devised physical work and his background in music is improvising and collaboratively composing in various ensembles. He is particularly interested in the crossover between these two art forms.

In his music work, Jack plays Keyboard in the Bristol based Reggae/Soul band Clumsy, produces his own music for plays and short films, hosts an internet radio show Big Sounds Radio, is in a music collective called Squid Tooth and collaborates with singer Kathleen Fitzpatrick-Milton under the name 4th Project.

In his theatre work, Jack is a director, workshop leader, deviser and physical theatre performer. He currently works on Closer Each Day, the Wardrobe Theatre’s improvised soap opera, as assistant director. He is a founding member and artistic director of Tremolo Theatre, a new devising company who are currently developing their first show.

For more details visit:  www.jackdrewry.com

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